Dorine Mortelmans and Barbara Baltussen have been following each other since their studies at the Antwerp Conservatorium. Since then, their mutual respect has only grown, as they both of them evolved into versatile musicians, that admire the choices and music of the other. They have now decided to join forces and form the duo Mortelmans-Baltussen. In this new formation they explore the abundant lied repertoire and the repertoire for solo piano. They don’t shy away from classics, but like to uncover new and unknown repertoire as well.

They’re always looking to share their passion for music with the audience by framing the music in a theme, a context.

Dorine sings in renowned opera houses as well as creating her own artistic projects. She’s always pondering frameworks for the music to better absorb the audience into the story. As a yoga teacher she had used aspects of yoga, for example meditation, in her projects.

In a world that offers so many possibilities, Barbara has made the choice not to specialize in one sole domain. She prefers to spread her musical talents widely, mastering the various facets that the profession offers. Barbara juggles these constantly intersecting musical occupations and lets them influence each other, combining teaching with a very busy concert life as soloist, chamber musician and accompanist.

Their extensive individual experience compounded with their long mutual history as allowed their new duo to immediately access a level at which they can instantly inspire and challenge each other. Their different personalities and desires blend wonderfully due to their shared desire for intensity, resulting in a dynamic equilibrium. This is the foundation of their collaboration, both on and off stage.

The duo kicked off in the middle of the covid pandemic and performed several live streamed concerts with different repertoires. One of them is available on Evil Penguin TV. They are looking forward to moving the audience in person!